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Regina Miranda, MSc, CMA is a Theater Director/Choreographer, Movement Signature Analyst, and Cultural Advocate. She is the Founding Artistic Director of the Regina Miranda & ActorsDancers Company (1980-present, Rio de Janeiro) and the CEO/Director of Arts & Culture of the prestigious LABAN/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS NYC.

Miranda's knowledge of rhythms, complex behavior, spatial configuration, and collective work is core to every project that she creates and/or participates. Interweaving a strong artistic career with intense activities as cultural leader, she accumulates close to 40 years of experience in the performing arts, and over 20 years directing cultural institutions in Brazil and in the US.

In Rio, the work with the Regina Miranda & ActorsDancers Co. is her treasured territory of artistic creativity. She created over 40 full-night performances and numerous site-specific and interactive plays for the company, being the recipient of more than 10 major national and international awards.   

Fostering human creative potential leads Miranda to work and lecture internationally, identifying cultural patterns, mentoring people in career choices, and sharing expertize in processes that involve arts and cultural transformation. Her passion for the LABAN Institute - the place where many years ago she discovered she could be both an artist and a cultural leader -, makes her to divide residence between Rio and NYC, aiming to collaborate in shaping an institution where everyone can find paths for being who they want to be. At the Institute, in addition to set the vision and strategies for the organization, she has been the curator 04 successful programs: MOSAIC; Dance Performance Atelier Award; Spring Forward; and Moving Dialogues.

Miranda also enjoys collaborating with playwrights, actors, dancers, musicians, and directors in film, theater, opera, and television. Since 2008, has been a constant collaborator of the Lacanian psychoanalyst/dramaturg Antonio Quinet, staging and choreographing most of his plays in London, Buenos Aires, Paris, and Rio.

She wrote 03 academic books, including her personal approach to the Laban System – Body-Space Connections: A geophilosophy of the body in movement” (2008) - several plays, and numerous conferences and essays. She has been the Editor of Movement News, the online magazine of the LABAN Institute, currently in Blog Format ( and, in 2012, organized the book “Culture as Fourth Pillar of Development”, which focuses on the role of the arts in the sustainable development of cities.

Miranda had her initial training in Ballet, Theater, Contemporary Dance, and Music in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. In New York she completed her BA in Dance Theory, at SUNY/Empire State College, holds a CMA by the Laban/Bartenieff Institute, LIMS® NYC, and a MSc by GCU/ Ken Blanchard School of Business, with a focus on "Leadership in Processes of Cultural Transformation". She lives and works both in Rio and in NYC, and works internationally.