2018 Calendar


JANUARY - Coordination and classes for the Rio de Janeiro Post Graduate Program in Laban/Bartenieff System

FEBRUARY - Trip to teach 3 different Workshops for artists, therapists and business executives in Beijing and Guang Zhou, China

MARCH - JULY - Rehearsals and Production of ROMOLA & NIJINSKY

JULY - Coordination and classes for the Rio de Janeiro Post Graduate Program in Laban/Bartenieff System


OCTOBER - Trip to NYC and to Beijing to teach 3 different Workshops, China


JANUARY - International Coordination and teaching at the Laban Certificate Program in Rio de Janeiro, promoted by Centro LABAN - Rio and hosted by Angel Vianna College.

FEBRUARY - Member of the Jury for the Brazilian Samba Contest, event created by Patrick Carvalho to chose the best samba dancers of Rio de Janeiro.

MARCH - Conceives and Directs FASHION & MOVEMENT with designer Luiza Marcier. Conceives, Directs and Choreographs "Venus Xtravaganza" to present Ronaldo Fraga's fashion. Conceives, Directs and Choreographs "Live Model" to present Luiza Marcier brides' collection

APRIL - Creates and rehearses the site-specific work Air, Water and the Flight of Birds  to be presented at the Washington Square Park during ECOPOETIC.

MAY - Stages "Hilda & Freud", a play by Antonio Quinet, at the Jefferson Market Library, NYC

May 31st - June 2nd - Conceived, planned and coordinates the LABAN 2018 International Conference celebrating the Laban/Bartenieff Institute 40th Anniversary

JUNE - Conceived and is the Artistic Director of ECOPOETIC - Washington Square Park on June 1st

Presents "Air, Water and the Flight of Birds" at ECOPOETIC.

Premiere of NAITSU, choreographic monologue created for Marina Salomon, at the Laura Alvim Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, June 15th - July 8th.

JULY - Break?:-)

AUGUST - General Coordinator of LABAN 2018 - Brasil, August 1-3 at the Chreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro

Orients the workshop "LABAN for Acting" - Teatro O TABLADO, Rio de Janeiro

SEPTEMBER - Strategic Planing for the new phase of LABAN RIO (www.labanrio.com)

OCTOBER - Crowdfunding for the renovations of LABAN RIO

NOVEMBER - Renovations of LABAN RIO

DECEMBER - Opening of LABAN RIO / Artistic Direction Regina Miranda and Marina Salomon


2017 - January - DECEMBER

JANUARY:  In Brazil, Regina Miranda, begins the research and starts to convene the group of artists for her next production "Boca a Boca" (Mouth to Mouth)

FEBRUARY: In NYC Regina is invited by IBOC - International Brazilian Opera Company to create and direct a new production of the theatrical lab of IBOC, based on the work of Machado de Assis.

Feb 20: Regina participates in Moving Dialogues, sharing her creative process, and presenting the lecture "Laban System as a Practice of Freedom" at LIMS, NYC.

MARCH/APRIL: In NYC,  Regina starts a collaboration with Christina Morgan, from IBOC, in writing the text "Asylum" for the new Asylum performance she is creating.

APRIL/MAY: Regina travels to Brazil to work with her longtime creative collaborators Luiz Paulo Nenen (Light), Luiza Marcier (costumes), and Natalia Lana (set design) aiming the Asylum production. She also starts the collaboration with opera music composer and IBOC artistic director João MacDowell, who will create an original score for Asylum.

JUNE/JULY: In NYC Regina begins the preparations for the LABAN 2018: LIMS 40th Anniversary International Conference. Auditions for Asylum take place at the DEMO HALL of the Our Lady of Pompeii Church, in the West Village.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: In Rio de Janeiro, Regina returns to O TABLADO, the iconic theater where she studied theater direction with playwright Maria Clara Machado to offer an intensive workshop on her - "Spheres of Intensity"

Participation in the "Dance in Transit Festival", in Rio de Janeiro, presenting the Avant-Premiere of NAITSU: Nights with Murakami as a work in progress. The full night interactive performance is being created for Miranda's long time artistic collaborator Marina Salomon.

OCTOBER: Back in NYC, Regina participates in the panel "Careers for Dance"  organized by NEXTWAVE at the 92nd St. Y, with the presence of over 600 dancers.


2016 - January - DECEMBER

JANUARY: The Regina Miranda & Actors Dancers Company premiered two new Miranda's creations - MURAKAMI, the Dream Reader and Fear & Pleasure Finely Tuned - at the SESC Ginastico Theater in Rio de Janeiro, on January 27th. 

Regina Miranda offered an Open Class on January 25th at the SESC Ginastico Theater in Rio de Janeiro. (Registrations are currently closed as the class is complete)

The Module 1 of the Post-Graduation Program in the "Laban & Bartenieff System", coordinated by Regina Miranda and Ana Bevilaqua, started on the 18th at the Angel Vianna Dance College, in Rio de Janeiro. 

FEBRUARY: Miranda travels to NYC for commitments with the Laban / Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), an organization  Miranda has been the Director of Arts & Culture since 2001, and where she currently is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). LIMS received the visit of a team of NASD accrediting evaluators, when the 10 years LIMS Self-Study coordinated by Miranda was presented, alongside with class observation, and meetings with the LIMS Board, Staff, Faculty, Committee Chairs, and Students. 

MARCH: Opening of the Exhibition - Scores+Traces. The exhibition, a partnership between the Laban Institute and the moving stories project, opened on March 10th at ONE Art Space, in Tribeca. Regina Miranda was the Chief Curator and Thecla Schiphorst the Production Director. Instigating works that relate body movement and cutting edge interactive technology were on view.

JULY: Opening of P.O.E.M.A (Percursos Organizados Entre Movimentos Aleatórios/ In English: Organized Paths Among Aleatory Movements) at Institute Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro. The Interactive Performance Installation conceived, directed and choreographed by Miranda, had the invaluable collaboration of dancers Marina Salomon, Patricia Niedermeier and Marina Magalhães, Lights by Luiz Paulo Nenen, Costumes by Luiza Marcier, Set Design by Natalia Lana, virtual reality by Mirjana Prpra, Original Music Score by Kivanç Tatar, and VideoDance by Barbara Castro and Luiz Ludwig. Production: Denise Escudero.

Also in July, Regina collaborated as Movement Director with the famous Brazilian actor Ney Latorraca, in his first theater direction of Ionesco's play "The Chairs", interpreted by Edilson Botelho and Tassia Camargo, at the Candido Mendes Theater, in Rio de Janeiro

LIMS Expansion: With Miranda's leadership, the LABAN/Bartenieff Institute expanded into new spaces in Manhattan/ Bryant Park, while continuing with its educational activities in Brooklyn. 

NOVEMBER: Opening of "Inside the Wild Heart", interactive performance installation directed by Miranda, based on the life and work of Brazilian famous author Clarice Lispector. At the Immersive Gallery, in New York, with the .BR Group, the only Brazilian theater company of NYC. Regina's longtime collaborators Luiz Paulo Nenen (Light) and Luiza Marcier (Costumes), were included in the production, which had original score composed by Sergio Krakoswski. 

MOSAIC 2016 was presented at LIMS new spaces in Manhattan/Bryant Park, with the Artistic Direction of Regina Miranda. Made possible by the generous support of John and Jody Arnhold, and in partnership with WeWork/Bryant Park, the night included three interactive performances, and the lecture/book signing of CMA Dr. Martha Eddy's new book on Somatics. As part of the night, Miranda created/directed "Yes, I would say yes Clarice and Joyce Yes" exploring the intersections between the writings of Brazilian author Clarice Lispector and James Joyce, performed by Flavia Tapias, with music by Sergio Krakowsky, and costumes by Luiza Marcier.

Opening of MOVING DIALOGUES: This new monthly series promoted by the Arts & Culture sector of LIMS will showcase the work of CMAs choreographers and Laban researchers,  bringing together the Institute's members and their guests, aiming for community building and continuing education for CMAs.

DECEMBER: Holiday Break!